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Spirent TestCenter: Can I change a setting on the SPT-N11U chassis to reboot itself after a power failure?

  • SPT-N11U
  • SPT-N4U



You can change a setting in the BIOS on the SPT-N11U and N4U controller by doing the following:

  • Connect a USB Keyboard and Monitor to the controller
  • Power cycle the chassis
  • Press the F2 key to enter the BIOS as it is booting
    • NOTE: No password is required to access BIOS in a N11U chassis
  • Go to the Power tab
  • There is a powerup selection for power off, power on, or last state
  • Select the last state option and if the chassis was on before the power outage it will boot back up automatically, if it was off it will stay off
  • Save and exit the BIOS

Note: This does not apply to the SPT-11U chassis,  there isn't a way to get the SPT-11U to come up automatically after a power outage.

Product : Chassis