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Spirent TestCenter: Questions about Video configuration in ALP.

  • Spirent TestCenter
    • ALP Video
    • v4.52
  • If we configure the Server as a RTSP video server, do we have to add the Server Streams?
    • No, adding Server streams is not required.
    • If no server streams are added, the Video server will simply wait for a request from the client before sending the selected video.
    • If you add server streams the server will start sending that newly created stream once the server is started and without a request from the client.
      • The “Destination IPv4 Address” is not required but is is the address of the client receiving the server streams.
      • If you have multiple clients and multiple server streams, you can specify which stream will be sent to which client by setting the destination IPv4 address.
        •  The destination IPv4 address is the address of the client where the video is going to be sent to.
  • On the client side, if we use RSTP, is the Destination IPv4 Address needed?
    • No, it is not required.
    • If it is not set, it will use the address specified for that device.
    • Setting the destination IPv4 address will cause the client to tell the server to send the video to that address.
      • Note that the server will try to ARP that unknown address before sending the video.
  • Can we use this video server to test a real RTSP client?
    • Currently our Server appear to be proprietarty but if the player used can simulate the same messages as our client then it should work.
    • VLC  player 1.01 and up has been tested as a client but the Spirent Video Server rejects the session setup due to the Options method is used instead of Setup. A capture of the packets can shows the details.
    • To test a real client do not create any server streams. This will allow the server to wait for the real client to request the server to start streaming the video.
  • See SOL10563 for additional information.
  • Example step by step instruction to setup video test is attached.



Product : Spirent TestCenter,Video,ALP