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Landslide: MME Nodal - How to set up and execute data message flow (DMF) to trigger paging or UE go to Idle mode

  1. Set up data as local Network Host.
  2. Add basic UDP DMF with configuration 'Start Paused' set and saved.  With this set up data is control manually.
  3. Select 'Instant Assignment' and change DMF 'role' to SERVER.  This will init data from Network Host instead default from UE.
  4. Set up 'Idle timer' so UE will go to Idle mode when data is inactive, no data, under NAS tab.
  5. Execute test case with 1 UE.
  6. Monitor UE attach and go to Idle mode after idle timer expired because there is no data activities.
  7. Open/Edit test case and go to DMF.
  8. Notice the button 'Resume Traffic' at the bottom left corner.
  9. Click the button will start data from NH side and in turn trigger Paging message.
  10. Notice the Resume button is now change to 'Pause Traffic'.
  11. Click Pause Traffic button will stop data and when idle timer expired UE will go to Idle mode.
  12. Toggle the Resume/Pause button to start and stop data at anytime to trigger paging or UE go to Idle mode. 


Product : Landslide,Landslide Client,Landslide,S1