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Spirent TestCenter - JTAPI: Why is packet drop seen while running test case #2 whereas test case #1 works fine?


Spirent TestCenter


  • From the run / console logs, it was observed that while running test case #2, the DUT was configured with different VLAN range (A-B) and the StreamBlocks from the test case #1 were not deleted before executing test case #2.
  • Thus, all the StreamBlocks of test case #1 with VLAN range (X-Y) along with the newly created ones having VLAN range (A-B) were started during execution of test case #2 resulting in the drop.
  • Clearing the configuration on Spirent TestCenter after each test case resulted in proper execution of all the test cases.
  • $rt->remove_traffic_handles () function can be used at the end of each test case to clear the StreamBlocks.


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