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GPS GNSS simulators: Does this spread spectrum look correct?


Using a spectrum analyzer this Beidou spectrum was captured from the MON/CAL port for a single SV (zero Doppler):


  • No this spectrum does not look correct
    • There should be no dip; the spectrum should be rounded
    • 1 MHz RBW is too wide to see a correct spectrum
  • For correct viewing the RBW needs to be significantly lower than the side-lobe width (say 1/10th)
    • For Beidou side-lobes are 2MHz so RBW should be below 200KHz
    • For GPS side-lobes are 1MHz so RBW should be below 100KHz 

Product : General Navigation,Positioning,GSS5060,STR4500,GSS4100,GSS4200,GSS6100,GSS6300,GSS6560,GSS6700