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LTE CS8 IT: I see DRX settings on CS8 IT v1.80, but it doesn't appear on CS8 IT v1.81, why?


CS8 IT v1.80, v1.81, v1.90, v2.00, v2.10


  • LTE v4.80 (CS8 IT 1.80) added these DRX settings, but that time we found some issues within DRX feature.
  • So LTE v4.90 (CS8 IT 1.81, for AT&T Carrier tests) removes the DRX settings from CS8 IT GUI.

  • LTE v4.9.5 (CS8 IT 1.90, for VZW Carrier tests) will re-add DRX settings, which also fixes all the issues found in CS8 IT v1.80.


There's another version CS8 IT v2.00, it's not going to be used by the Carriers, it has features requested by certain customer related to scheduler configurations. DRX settings are NOT included in this vesion, either.

  • LTE v5.00 (CS8 IT v2.10) also includes this setting, actually it contains all the features from v1.81, v1.90, v2.00.

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