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Wireless: LTE Data Throughput, is HARQ enabled or disabled?


8100 LTE RA



HARQ(Hybrid automatic repeat request) is enabled for all the Data Throughput tests.

We know it's enabled from following two aspects:

  1. There's no parameter in Data Throughput suite to enable or disable HARQ, but you can check on CS8 IT GUI: eNodeB-PHY Tab. By default CS8 IT enables HARQ, and given Data Throughput script doesn't change HARQ settings, thus it's enabled for all the tests.
  2. When we enable CS8 IT L1/L2 logging, after convert *.bin file to Excel reports, in DCI.csv file, we can see retransmission packet in TX type field, this also indicates HARQ is enabled:


1) we can enable CS8 IT L1/L2 logging in Session file - eAirAccess Tab.

2) E2010 must have L1/L2 logging license so as to enable this function.

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