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Landslide: HSS Node - Why does not send cancel location request to the source MME after receive update location request from the target MME?

  • HSS Node

    • Select S6a interface in Emulator Options

    • Select LTE Spec Version to 8.10.0

  • MME Nodal

    • Select Inter-MME Mobility in Test Activity

    • Select Continuous Handoff

    • Select Handoff Type to TAU



  1. HSS Node doesn’t send Cancel Location Request (CLR) because both MMEs uses an identical host-name (e.g. HSS.HOST).  It should work if the MMEs use separate/unique hostnames (i.e. MMEs use different hostnames). 

  2. Recommend to configure the different hostnames for the MMEs.                              



Product : Landslide,LTE,Landslide Client,Landslide,S6a,S1