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iTest: What are the fundamental settings to monitor SNMP Traps in iTest?

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To monitor the SNMP traps in iTest, set the below properties:

  • By default, iTest receives the SNMP Traps on SNMP trap port 162 (check Window > Preferences > Spirent > Session Types > SNMP).
  • To receive/monitor the traps on any other ports, specify the port numbers either in the Preferences or in the SNMP session profile under More properties->Traps->Port.
  • Specify the IP address of the host/machine on which iTest is running in "NIC address" field under More properties->Traps.
  • Make sure that the SNMP server should be configured with the same NIC address and Port in device/router.
  • When we start the SNMP session, the traps sent by the device/router will be visible under "SNMP Traps" view.

Product : iTest Enterprise