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Abacus: I got an error when I am trying to run a Tcl script created on Release 4.10 on a Release 6.20 environment. What is the problem?




There have been 8 major releases between 4.10 and 6.20.  During this period, we have added / removed / changed many, many features and functionalities.   BOTH on the Abacus GUI / Test logic and Tcl automation. With that, old environment and Tcl script may not be able to run successfully. 

We only support environment and Tcl script working properly on a N-1 Release basis. N being the current release version. The current release version is 6.2X. That means we would support environment and script created in 6.1X and 6.2X.
The solution to this problem is that users to re-create their Tcl script in the current release.

Product : Abacus,Automation,6.20,6.11 and below