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iTest: How can I make Telnet Server behave with iTest?

  • iTest
  • WIndows XP
  • Windows Server 2003

Problem Description:

When we telnet to a Windows machine iTest is unable to capture steps properly. The iTest Test case shows each character of the command typed on a separate step as shown in the below screenshot



What is happening is, by default, Windows (XP / Server 2003) Telnet Server is configured for console mode. In this mode, the telnet server is treating the console as one large screen. Escape sequences are being used to echo characters and prompts. iTest can operate in this mode but the capture report is going to show the capture one character at a time. If we were to create a test case from this capture, we'd also notice that some of the completion criteria are set to "timed".
To change the Window Telnet Server behavior, log into the Windows Target Machine with Administrative Privileges and issue the following command to determine the current Server Settings.

C:> tlntadmn

We should see the following response:



Now, change the "Mode of Operation" by using the following command:
C:\> tlntadmn Config mode=stream

Now if we dump the configuration again, we'll see the change as follows:



Product : iTest Enterprise