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SimGEN: What is the format of the LAAS RS232 output?

  • SimGEN
  • It is not necessary to have the GSS4150 LAAS signal generator to get the LAAS data stream.
  • The GSS4150 is required for an RF output. Please contact for further information on this feature.
  • The LAAS output is streamed to the defined COM port and output there using the RS232 (RS-232) protocol.
  • The datastream is also saved locally in the file called rsdata.dat
    • The bit-stream data file of the data transmitted on the RS232 output port, a 256-byte block for each frame.
    • The bit-stream starts with the first bit of the first Message Block Header and ends with the last bit of the last Message Block CRC.
    • This file does not have the Training Sequence or Application FEC bits and is not ‘bit scrambled’.
  • For further detail please refer to the SimGEN Software User Manual found in the "C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\Positioning Application\Docs" location

Product : SimGEN,GSS4150