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Why sometimes I saw the Overload warning from the input port of VR5?


As you know, VR5 have support the max bandwidth with 100MHz, when the input port try to make the power measurement, it will take 100MHz bandwidth measurement and give the result.

If the signal bandwidth you are using is lower than 100MHz, there will be additional noise in the measurement result and sometimes cause no measurement if you are using TDD signal.

We would suggest you to do accurate signal measurement, you will need to fine tune below parameters

From VR5 GUI:

1, Power Meter Settings:

  • Measurement Type
  • Trigger threshold
    • Note:depend on how bursty a TDD signal you are using, the threshold need to be changed according to your signal level.
  • Measurement duration
    • Note:this value should not be too small as the sampler will not take enough measurement and judge there is no signal measurement.

2, Advanced Port Settings:

  • Select appropriate Max BW to do the power measurement.
  • Select larger Crest Factor for the higher power level.

Product : VR5,VR5