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Avalanche: Number of Transactions on the GUI are less than recorded in the pcap file when using Adaptive Streaming.

  • Avalanche Commander
  • Adaptive Streaming Protocol (ABR)



It comes from the product evolution itself and the number of protocols that we were adding over the time within Avalanche, now the meaning of “transaction” in Run table and Results table mostly is equals to a “Session”. At the beginning, avalanche was HTTP only so the transaction number in Run table and Results table was equals to HTTP transaction number. But now, we do support some other HTTP features and protocols that are based in HTTP like ABR, RTSP and others.

For instance, if we run an ABR action, it count as 1 transaction but in fact, it may sends hundreds of HTTP GET transaction. The “transactions” come from each action contained in the action list where is not included the other transactions underlying.

Product : L4-7,Adaptive Streaming,HTTP