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Positioning Application: Can the datastreaming MFC client or message logger utility run on another computer?

  • PosApp (SimGEN)


  • However, you can’t just copy these utilities to any PC
    • They're not really ‘standalone’ utilities in that sense.
    • Other subordinate files are required for them to work correctly.
  • Thus, to run the utilities on any other PC you need to run the PosApp install package on that PC.
  • During the install there’s a step that asks if you want a standard install or a ‘remote utilities’ install.
    • Choose the ‘remote’ option
  • Running the install ensures all necessary subordinate files are installed too, which the utility needs to run properly.
  • Failing to do this can lead to an error message like:-
        ERROR: Could not load required DLL (simgendatastreaming,dll)

Product : Datastreaming,SimGEN,PosApp