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iTest: Need a methodology to allow the TBML command to pull data from Spirent iTest Lab Optimizer topology

  • iTest
  • Spirent iTest Lab Optimizer
  • Documentation
  • Currently, iTest only supports TBML commands for iTest topologies and Spirent iTest Lab Optimizer commands for Spirent iTest Lab Optimizer topologies.
  • A formal Spirent enhancement request has been filed against this. ER 709877041.
  • This feature is targetted to implement in our future release of iTest version 5.3
  • Customers interested in discussing or increasing priority on this ER should reach out to your Spirent account team to help provide a business justification, referencing ER #709877041. If you simply want to track its progress, subscribe to this KB article and you will be notified anytime it gets updated.

Product : iTest Enterprise