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Landslide: UMTS - What is the max number of cells per BSC for dynamic Gb over IP per Test Server?

  • Landslide
  • UMTS
  • Gb Interface
  • Max number of Cells is a 3GPP fixed format value up to 0xFFFF (65535) per BSS.
  • UMTS test case supports a maximum of 1000 BSS and 1094 NSEIs per BSS. However, these two maximums are not supported at the same time. A combined maximum of BSSs and NSEIs (NSVCs) must be less than 20,480.

    For example:
    If 1094 NSEIs per BSS is selected, the maximum supported BSSs = 20.
    If 40 BSSs is selected, then each BSS can only support a maximum of 512 NSEIs.


Product : Landslide,UMTS,GPRS,Landslide