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Avalanche: What are different levels of Event logging?

  • Avalanche Commander

  • All versions


Note: This information is collected from pressing F1 on Avalanche Commander.

There are 5 Log Levels for Event Messages and has the following meaning for them:

  • 0 (Debug): Provides low-level programmatic information for troubleshooting the system

    • TIP: Level 0 (Debug) provides IPSec troubleshooting information, such as IKE state transitions.

  • 1 (Info): Provides informational messages, such as software version number

  • 2 (Status): Provides status messages, such as the status of connecting to a device

  • 3 (Warning): Provides warnings, such as parsing errors in user-defined text (default)

  • 4 (Error): Provides error conditions that may cause a test to fail

  • 5 (Exception): Provides exception conditions generated by the software.


Product : Avalanche