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Landslide: SGW Nodal- What is the meaning of warning message "Network Devices - Enable SGi Node [SgiNodeEn=false], set to default value" and how to set PGW SGi Node

  • Landslide 12.0
  • SGW Nodal
  • The reason we see these warnings are due to the fact that we had created these test sessions in some previous loads and when we open it in current load, there had been modifications in some parameters( few added), that is reflected in these warning windows. It is just a informatory message.

  •  Press F1 to check in online help.

  • A test case is displayed in Green if its test case template has been modified but the parameter settings are valid. A green test case can be executed.If a test case is red or green due to a software upgrade, a list of changes that have been made to the test case is displayed when you edit the test case. The Test Case Warnings/Errors dialog lists the parameters that have been changed and indicates how the settings have been modified to accommodate the changes.
  • Also we can set the PGW SGi Node, if we enable volte on test configurations tab -> click on PGW SGi Node -> Enable SGi Node button would be appear.

Product : Landslide,TAS Manager,Landslide Client,Landslide,LTE