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Spirent TestCenter: How do I display dropped frames independently for IPv6 and IPv4 traffic flowing concurrently.



The best and easiest way to separate the traffic is by naming each stream block individually with their own descriptive names, then displaying them that way.
For example, if you have two devices and two stream blocks, one with IPv4 traffic and one with IPv6 traffic, you can rename the stream blocks as shown here:
Selecting now a “Detailed Stream Results” view in the results pane will provide results, including dropped frames, well identified between IPv6 and IPv4:
A slightly harder way, but one which would allow you to completely isolate traffic in your view, would be to create a DRV (Dynamic Results/Query View. We have created one for IPv6 traffic only, called IPv6. The trick here is to only use streamblock based object, not port based objects:
Notice that at this point, it is very important that you had configured (changed) the streamblock names so that you know which one you will need to select.
Once you have that, you can add all the parameters that you want to your view, including the IPv6 Source and Destination addresses, dropped frames, etc. For this example we have selected the following parameters:
Also make sure you have disabled Auto Grouping:
At this point, our Dynamic Result View called IPv6 will only show IPv6 traffic:
You can duplicate this view for IPv4 Traffic and put both next to each other and you will have a nice view of each type of traffic, at the same time but individually:

Product : Windows GUI