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GNSS Simulators: Why at maximum power do I get a lower C/No ratio with my GSS6100 compared to my GSS6300?


This behavior is seen when comparing the

GSS6100 or GSS4100

against any other simulator type e.g.

GSS6300, GSS6700, GSS6560, GSS8000, GSS7700, STR4760


The GSS6100 and GSS4100 have a lower quality OCXO and a wider loop bandwidth on the synthesizer resulting in a higher phase noise and a higher noise floor. At maximum power -115dBm both of these issues cause additional noise on the signal resulting in a lower C/No value (around 1dB) compared to any other simulator type. As the power level is decreased to the nominal level of -130dBm C/No values converge.


When an issue arises about a measured C/No (SNR) value it is important to check the calibration status of the unit and often times a re-calibration is required to give confidence in the simulators output level.

Product : General Navigation,Positioning,GSS4100,GSS6100,GSS6300,GSS6560,GSS6700,GSS7700,GSS8000,GSS6300M