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Tech X Flex NG : How do I enable Wan remote control on the Flex?

  • Tech X Flex NG
  • All versions
  • From system F4 Menu
0: 10/100/1G Admin Port     (To set up admin port)
Select DHCP and start        (To get an IP address)
  • Hit okay when the process completes and okay again when you see the IP Address assigned
2: WAN Remote Control
0: Enable WAN Remote Control
  • A Listing of the following will be displayed
External Address    
External VNC Port            34966
External Browser              34965
WAN-Side Loopback        Pass
  • At this point using remote client software such as VNC, a remote user can now enter the following credentials to access and control your Flex Meter Remotely.

Product : Tech-X NG