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Landslide: LSonMX - What is the maximum number of Test Cases that can be registered to one Test Session using mXP module and few other queries?

  • landslide 11.0.415
  • Each LSoSTC supported test case requires one MXP port pair, so 1 MXP  (8 ,10G ports) running 1 test session can accommodate up to 4 test cases running at the same time (using STC hardware controlled data generation). You can run additional tests in this same test session in  cut-through mode (not using STC h/w), but this really defeats the purpose of using the STC h/w.
  • Few additional queries with answers:

1. When the system is run in the "cut-through mode (not using STC h/w)", does the system uses the DMF function of the Landslide instead of STC's FPGA?
     In other words, is the function below not supported?      - Display/output the STC-specific statistics information such as Latency and Jitter.
Answer: Yes, this is correct. Data traffic is generated via CPU using L/S DMF capability. The FPGAs are not used for data generation in cut-through mode, so the FPGA managed statistics would not be used.

  2. In addition to 1., is it correct to understand that the performance below is not achieved in the cut-through mode?      - Output traffic at the line rate when the U-Plane traffic of short Ethernet frames
       (ex. 100 bytes including FCS) is transmitted.
Answer: Yes, this is correct. The CPU generated data traffic is not capable of line rate. In fact, the processors on the MXP card are less powerful than the processors on the L/S test server appliances, so using the same test on MXP, the data through-put would be less.

  3. Up to how many Test Cases are run at the same time when a Test Session is run in the cut-through mode? (As 100 Test Cases can be run at the same time on a Test Server, we assume that 100 Test Cases would be run on an mXP module operated in the cut-through mode.)
Answer: There is no arbitrary limit imposed. The amount of memory available would be the limiting factor.

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