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Spirent TestCenter: How to determine the De-emphasis and Main Tap swing values after Auto Detect is enabled for 40G QSFP+ DAC cable?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • MX-100G-F2
  • Here we’re running 4.15 and have ports 5/1 and 5/3 connected via a 1M DAC. 
  • We see that at the port level, the “Auto detect” option has been selected and the links are up (i.e., port LEDs are *green). 
  • So I don’t think I’d go as far as saying the parameters are auto negotiated but rather would say that we auto detect some DACs (it might be just to the DACs we sell) and based on what we detect, use the appropriate settings.
    *Note that no PRBS patterns are being generated at L1 otherwise the link would show error, as it should. 
  • To find out what the parameters are, clicking on “Advanced” exposes the tap and swing settings being used when auto detected.
  • Also refer to KB article:
    FAQ11171 - What are Spirent TestCenter's tap settings for the supported transceivers on NG and MX 40/100G modules? (pre, de, post, emphasis)

Product : NG,MX,Spirent TestCenter