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Landslide: SGW Nodal - Can SGW Nodal support "Bearer Modification" triggered by PGW side ?

  • landslide 12.0
  • Can SGW Nodal support “Bearer Modification” triggered by PGW side ?

It seems that “Bearer Modification” at [SGW Nodal] -> [S11/S5] -> [GTPv2] doesn’t take care of such a modification pattern. To realize such a case, does SGW Nodal always need a real/emulated PCRF Node
to receive the policy to modify the QoS via Gx Interface ?

  • 3GPP 23.401 Figure.5.4.2-1 “Bearer Modification Procedure with Bearer QoS Update” says “If dynamic PCC is not deployed, the PDN GW may apply local QoS policy.” at explanation for the step-1 for the Figure.
    The same explanation is mentioned at the step-1 of Figure 5.4.3-1 “Bearer Modification Procedure without Bearer QoS Update”
    What does this mean ? Are there some possibilities for PGW to send Bearer QoS Update massage to SGW without PCRF Node ?  How is the SGW Nodal implementation for this case ?
  • Landslide emulated PGW in the SGW nodal test case supports Network bearer creation without a PCRF but it does not support bearer modification (from the PGW) without the PCRF. You could modify the bearer via the S11 interface (UE, HSS or MME initiated) but not from the S5. If you activate the Gx interface and use a landslide or real PCRF then you could generate a S5 interface (PGW) bearer modification. Bearer creation is supported without PCRF. We would expect a real PGW to support S5 bearer modification without PCRF, it just isn’t supported on Landslide emulated PGW at this time.

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