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Avalanche NEXT: Why content Update(Application/Attack/Malware) fails?


Version 7.x


If you have not purchase any content subscription, Then you would not be permitted to download any online content(Attack/Application/Malware). To verify if you have the right permission, access the below address the Host controller(x.x.x.x). 


Once your in this page click on "Licenses", You should observer something like this,


"ok": true,

"resp": {

"license": "xx_Test_cloud_key_xx",

"expire_at": {

"AppId": "2015-09-19",

"Applications": "2015-09-19",

"Attacks": "2015-09-19",

"Malware": "2015-09-19"


"permission": {

"AppId": true,

"Applications": true,

"Attacks": true,

"Malware": true





The Permission that highlighted should be "true" else you don't have the content subscription, In which case you would have to contact your sales team or Spirent for this. On the other hand if you have bought that and still showing "false", then please contact Spirent support.

Product : Avalanche NEXT