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Attero: Can a generated/recorded/written script be executed on a non-Windows based machine?

  • Attero-X 10Gig
  • v40.04.08
  • Linux host running Tcl script
  • Windows PC running Attero GUI

Yes, the Tcl script can be run on a Linux host

  • Copy "attero.tcl"
    • from C:\Program Files (x86)\Calnex\Attero
    • to a directory on your Linux machine, say /home/<your username>/attero
    • Note that you may have to dos2unix the file, we didn't have to though
  • An instance of the Attero GUI must be running on a Windows PC
    • your script will talk through the Attero GUI to the Attero instrument
    • when the Attero GUI launches
      • it automatically opens a socket to TCP port 9000 and begins listening on it for remote connections
      • Note that this port may be needed to be opened up on your firewall
    • you do not have to connect to the Attero instrument
  • In the Tcl script running on the Linux host
    • source attero.tcl
    • use the "connect" command
      For example:
          source /home/<username>/attero/attero.tcl
          connect <Attero HW IP> <Windows PC IP> [TCP port number to connect to Attero HW] [TCP port number Attero GUI is listening on]
      • The Attero HW by default listens on port 9990
      • The Attero GUI by default listens on port 9000 for remote connections
        • you can change this port (e.g., 9001) by launching the Attero GUI using the following command:
               C:\.........\AtteroClient.exe /rmtport:9001 /forrmt
    • issue Attero API commands to configure and control the impairments you need

Product : Impairment,Automation,Attero