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iTest: What is the purpose of the module “SUPPORT_ENTITLEMENT_ITEST” in the iTest license file?

  •  Spirent iTest.


  • Firstly, iTest will look for a valid support license to allow users to proceed with core/equipment license checkout.
  • In few cases, iTest will not check out the licenses license unless it finds the specific iTest version is allowed to use the provided license or not.

 For Example, assume that the license module date for SUPPORT_ENTITLEMENT_ITEST is set to 2014.12, the license file works for the iTest releases which are released or going to release till December 2014.

 If the next iTest release is set to release in December, then the license file will work. In case the next release is in January then we need to renew the SUPPORT_ENTITLEMENT_ITEST licenses as it is going to expire in December.


Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest