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Avalanche Next: How to update / Download Avalanche Next TestCloud contents?

  • Avalanche Next

There are two methods of installing Tracks, Applications, Attacks and Malware contents.

Option 1. Have Avalanche NEXT download/install them automatically from the TestCloud if your test environment allows Avalanche Next to access Internet without  proxy settings.

  1. You need to add dns-nameservers in /etc/network/interfaces file in Avalanche Next host controller.
    iface eth0 inet static
  2. You need to have a proper license file.

For Avalanche Next version GA7.1.0 and newer releases:

  • To download the cloud contents,  we need to have following license options in your license file.


For Avalanche Next version GA7.0.8 and earlier releases:

  • To download the cloud content we need to have a TestCloud key in the license file.
    (The TestCloud key will be something like “TEST_CLOUD_KEY=xxxxxxxxxxxx:xx-october-2015”.)

  • We need to copy this content inside the License File preceded by the hash (#)  symbol, below is the screenshot for your reference.


Option 2. If the Internet access is prohibited or if your environment requires proxy settings, you need to manually download them from the Spirent CSC and then manually install from the Avalanche Next Controller.

  • Please contact Spirent Support and request controlled release access to the offline content download.

Product : Avalanche,Avalanche NEXT