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Wireless China Telecom IRAT: UE fails to camp eHRPD because network sends VSNCP reject with error code "Admin Prohibited", how to resolve?


HW: 8100 RA

SW: China Telecom CDMA-LTE InterRAT suite



We may see TestManager display "UE failed to negotiate VSNCP for PDN". Open AAC2K log, we see VSNCP fails with error code "Admin Prohibited":

This failure always happen when script is performing eHRPD -> LTE - >eHRPD scenario, so in Phase 3 (LTE - >eHRPD) script is expecting "Handover Attach", but UE is sending "Initial Attach":

To resolve this, we need change UE configuration via adb tool as below:

  1. Ensure UE USB driver is correctly installed on PC
  2. Download attached ADB tool
  3. Unzip the download file and click cmd.exe
  4. Enter adb devices and ensure device is connected to PC
  5. Enter below commands:

adb shell setprop 22
adb shell setprop 1

Attachment Description
Android Debug Bridge(adb) Tool

Product : IRAT,Wireless,LTE,LTE Test System,eHRPD