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Spirent TestCenter: Why DPG import pcap feature doesn't import the pcap or has the import button disabled?

  • Dynamic Protocol Generator
  • Attempting to use DPG application to import the attached pcap within the protocol designer option. 
    • The popup import window seems to timeout and the pcap doesn’t get imported....OR
    • The import button is grayed out.


  • DPG protocol designer can only read the pcap files that have source and destination ports (TCP/UDP encap)
    • DPG ignores the SYNC, ACK, handshakes and only look at the real traffic flow.
  • DPG import tool only cares for the real traffic flow, so if pcap doesn’t include TCP/UDP real traffic data, it’ll do nothing.
    • Or you may see the import button not get enabled.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,ALP