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Avalanche: Can we load SPF Files to SpirentTest Center GUI?

  • Avalanche Commander
  • SpirentTest Center GUI
  • No we can not load .spf file to SpirentTest Center GUI.
  • The .spf files are the configuration files of Avalanche.
  • We can load .spf files only in Avalanche Commander (Spirent TestCenter Layer 4-7 Application) and not in Spirent TestCenter  Application.
  • To load the .spf files into Spirent TestCenter Layer 4-7 Application follow the below steps:
  • Go to File --> Import from Archve
  • Browse to the .spf file, Select it and click on import
  • Specify the Project Name (By default it will take the original name of the Project)
  • We can change the directory where we want our test to be saved.
  • Click on Ok and the configuration file will be loaded with all the tests and projects in Avalanche Commander.

Product : Avalanche