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Landslide: HSS Node - Why Real MME can suddenly send a Purge Request Message after receiving the Update Location Response?

  • Landslide
  • HSS Node
    • EUTRAN Authentication
    • APN-OI-Replacement has been set with a numerical value (Ex.:123456789)
  • APN-OI-Replacement when present will be a part of the APN-FQDN requested to the internal DNS, this AVP is contained in the Update Location Response message.
  • If this value is incorrectly sent by HSS, MME could not build properly the APN-FQDN and so there is no DNS query message sent in order to obtain the PGW address.
  • As MME does not know where to send the creation/modification/update bearer message, the node has to purge the session (UE).
  • Remember,  APN-OI-Replacement should have a format type like mncXXX.mccYYY.gprs.


Product : Landslide,LTE,Landslide,S6a