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iTest: How to configure license proxy server for 64-Bit iTestRT or Apple Macintosh and how it works?

  • Proxy server(CentOS/ Ubuntu)
  • iTestRT 64bit
  • MacOS
  • The license proxy server is required to connect to the license server while using Apple Macintosh OS or 64bit iTestRT.
  • The license proxy server can be configured on Ubuntu32 or on CentOS. 
  • Configuration files are available at our Customer Support Center (
 Configuring the License Proxy Server
  1. Turn off the firewall.
  2. Unzip the zip file. For example:
    $ unzip
  3. Grant execute permission to
    $ cd centos64
    $ chmod u+x
  4. Start the process.
    Important While the process is running, keep the command terminal open and do not press any key.

    $ ./
    $ sh

The license proxy server is just a web server that bridges licensing server and iTest on Mac / 64-Bit iTestRT 5.0.

So, when there is a request, the license proxy server communicates with the license server and gets the licenses behalf of the iTest client running on Mac or for iTestRT 64bit.

Product : iTest Enterprise