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Spirent Customer Service Center: What are the changes in the Positioning Technology (PT) downloads?

  • Spirent Customer Service Center, available at Please note that you must sign-in to access Spirent Downloads.
  • Positioning Technology  (PT) Customers download interface 


  • PT Customers who have accessed the CSC download area prior to 15th March 2015 will now notice it has changed.
  • The traditional downloads area for PT customers allowed selection of product from a Table of contents as seen below:
  • We redesigned the download to improve the performance and usability of your downloads and address some limitations:
    1. There was no way to filter files.
    2. Files were held on a single server in the UK, which could often mean slow or unreliable downloads.
    3. Users had no indication of file size, date added, or details on supported OS or Hardware.


  • To address those limitations, Spirent developed the new downloads area:
  • The new download area offers various benefits including:
    1. Filtering capabilities that allow you to find your files quickly.
    2. File delivery using mirror servers located around the world. This allows for faster, more reliable file transfers no matter where you download.
    3. Offering helpful data relating to the download file including supported hardware and OS, Size, date download was added, and access to related documentation.
    4. Access to a free GPL open source file download manager that can further improve download reliability and performance.
    5. The new downloads interface now includes nearly all Spirent products, which improves the experience for our many customers with multiple Spirent products.
  • PT customers can find all related downloads by selecting either "GPS/GNSS" or "GSS9000" from the Product line filter in the new download area:
  • For further details on the new downloads area, see FAQ14724.


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