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Spirent TestCenter: Manually editing the Gateway MAC address on the device block doesn't show up in the bound stream block.

  • v4.46
  • Create a bound stream between two devices (no emulation, traffic only), modify the gateway MAC address on the Device block. 
    • Uncheck the box “Resolve IPV4 Gateway Mac Address”, and modify the IPv4 Gateway MAC Address. 
  • I expect this modified value to show up in any bound streams, but it doesn’t.  Instead, I seem to get the default gateway Mac address of 00:00:01:00:00:01. 
  • If you edit the stream block it will display the default MAC, but the actual packet that is sent will use the MAC you manually configured in the Device.
  • So after you set the device MAC address, click apply, then send the traffic.  
    • To verify you can connected two Spirent ports back to back then capture what is received on the receive port. 

Product : Spirent TestCenter,PGA