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Positioning Application, C50r Controller: How can I connect an RS232 serial to USB adaptor to the C50r Controller for use with the GSS9000?

  • PosApp
  • C50r Controller
  • GSS9000
  • RS232 serial to USB adaptor
  • Connect the adaptor to one of the Linux based USB ports at the rear of your C50r controller
    • The Linux USB ports are the bottom 2 ports on the expansion card at the rear of the C50r Controller
      • Refer to the GSS9000 Quick Start Guide or GSS9000 Hardware User Manual for more information
  • Navigate to the Windows 'Device Manager' and ensure that the adaptor is installed correctly
  • Start PosApp
  • When the PosApp engine finds the USB serial adapter, it will appear in the ‘RS232 Port Settings’ menu as ‘/dev/ttyUSBx’
    • Where ‘x’ is the name given to the adaptor
    • This will be 0 if only one adaptor is present
  • The ‘RS232 Port Settings’ menu is found under the 'Options' menu


NOTE: The following baud rates will not be detected – 14 400, 128 000 and 256 000; this is mentioned in the SimGEN Software User Manual (section 5.3.9 RS-232 port settings).


Product : Positioning,PosApp,NMEA,C50r,GSS9000