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GSS9000, GSS7000: How can I check/update the FPGA image versions of my GSS9000 or GSS7000 simulator?

  • GSS9000 series simulator
  • GSS7000 simulator
  • UPCONVERTER Module(s)
  • CALIBRATOR Module (GSS9000 only)
  • TIMER Module
  • C50r Host Controller (GSS9000 only)
  • GSS7000/GSS9000 FPGA Image Loader

To check the FPGA and FW versions:

  1. Open PosApp
  2. Click ‘Tools’ -> '7xxx/9xxx Utilities' -> ‘FPGA Image Loader’
  3. Select the serial number of the GSS7000 or GSS9000 that is to be checked
    • If more than one simulator is present, perform this check on all connected units
  4. The window will update to show all the modules installed in that signal generator, including the FPGA and firmware versions; see image below for an example:



Consult FAQ17676 (GSS7000) or FAQ17028 (GSS9000) to check whether the FPGA versions require updating for the version of PosApp you intend to use


From PosApp version 5.07 SR01, FPGA undate files are delivered to the folder D:\posapp\software\<VERSION>\fpga\
Older FPGA image files can be downloaded from the 'Download' page of the Customer Service Center (CSC) website.  Firmware updates are also installed by the FPGA update files

To update the FPGA images and firmware:

  1. Open the ‘FPGA Image Loader’ and select the serial number of the simulator that is to be updated
  2. Insert the removable media containing the FPGA update files into the GSS7000 or C50r (GSS9000 only)
  3. Click ‘Update’ on the first module to be updated
  4. Navigate to the FPGA file corresponding to that module type and click ‘Ok’
    • The ‘Update’ button changes to a progress bar and the program begins loading the new image
    • Once complete, the progress bar returns to an update button
    • An error message is displayed if an incorrect image is loaded into a module; there is no risk of corrupting the FPGA and the process will automatically abort
  5. Repeat step 4 until all the FPGA images are at the required versions
    • Multiple modules can be updated at the same time
  6. Exit the FPGA Image Loader once all the required modules have been updated
  7. Fully shut-down the system in the correct manner
  8. Turn the system back on for the update to take effect
  9. Repeat first section of this article to confirm that the updates were successful


Product : Positioning,PosApp