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Positioning Application: How can I log the power levels simulated by each satellite?

  • PosApp/SimGEN
  1. In the scenario tree open 'data display and logging file'

  2. In the 'settings' tab. select 'enable' and choose the desired logging rate (this should be equal to,or a multiple of, the Simulation Iteration Rate)
  3. Choose what you wish to name the file. By default the file will be called 'post_proc.csv and will be stored in the scenario directory 

  4. Click 'OK'

  5. In the PosApp main task bar select the 'data logging window'

  6. This will display the window below. Turn logging on and select 'add'

  7. From the drop down menu, select 'signal' and then 'signal level'. Choose the SV(s) you wish to log and then click 'add selected'

  8. The logged power levels will be with respect to the reference level of the signal. In the example below we can see that the logged signal level of SV1 would be 10dBm. This information will be logged in a file as per step 3. 


Product : SimGEN,PosApp