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VR5: What is the difference between additiional VR5 mode and Ensemble VR5 mode ?


Below is a brief summary to compare between additiional VR5 mode and Ensemble VR5 mode:

Function Additional VR5 Mode Ensemble Mode
Option No options are needed VR5-ENSEMBLE-6U-SW
GUI Control Single VR5 GUI Separate GUI for each of the ensembled VR5
Topology Need support for Dual VR5 topology Configure separately for each of VR5
DEE same DEE file for multi-VR5s Require to have exactly same number of states, state durations, DEE will play/stop/pause at the same time
Channel Model Different Seeds for multi-VR5s generally, but if connection setup use one PDP profile, VR5s are playing with the same fading sequence Different Seeds for multi-VR5s
Rear Panel Cabling 10MHz reference/HDMI cable 10MHz reference/HDMI cable


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