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Spirent TestCenter: Questions when setting the port speed on the MX2-10G-Sx or the FX2-10G-Sx?

  • MX2-10G-S12, S8, S4
  • FX2-10G-S16, S8
  • Can the 10G/1G modules be configured with different speeds on each port?
    • Although you can configure per port reservation on these cards, setting the speeds follows the port grouping of the FPGA.
    • When setting the speeds, you will need to set all ports in the port group to the same speed. So this is independent on whether or not it can be reserved on a per port basis.
  • After setting the port speed (10G, 1G) does it persist after module or chassis reboot?
    • These cards uses an FPGA set per speed. Because 10G and 1G are different FPGA images, the selection of the speed is stored and persists even after test module reboots and chassis reboots.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,MX2,FX2,Hardware Module