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Avalanche: How to avoid the error " (Juggernaut): Cannot save juggernaut data type. NullPointerException:null ".

  • Any Avalanche Commander version v4.xx or v5.xx
  • Port not assigned to a test and shown as (Unspecified:0) under the "Client/Server Ports Tab" or "Client/Server Associations Tab".
  • Errors at the bottom status bar: " (Juggernaut): Cannot save juggernaut data type. NullPointerException:null  " .

  • If the unspecified ports (Unspecified:0) are used in the test configuration, Avalanche will throw the error " (Juggernaut): Cannot save juggernaut data type. NullPointerException:null " .
  • To resolve this issue, you need to go to Client or Server Ports-Tab and make sure there is no Unspecified:0 port in any line of the test, hence Client or Server Associations Tab also might reflect this same unspecified port. Also make sure from Spirent TestCenter (Port Reservation window) you are connected to the Chassis and ports are correctly reserved.
  • All ports configured on the Client/Server Associations and Chassis should be reachable from the Computer where Avalanche Commander is installed.

Product : Avalanche