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Spirent TestCenter: How to configure BGPv4 router to advertise IPv6 routes over IPv4 BGP session?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • Routing - BGP
  1. Create BGPv4 routers with only v4 encapsulation then add IPv6 routes to advertise. 
  2. STC will automatically add AFI/SAFI IPv6/unicast to the emulated router to advertise the v6 capabilities. 
  3. The v4/v6 mapped NHOP address ::XXXX:X.X.X.X is inside the v6 edit routes. 
  4. Once that is done then can bound IPv6 traffic.

Note:We have BGP v4 routers advertising V6 routes, and the ARP status is always “unresolved” for the v6 flows.
  1. Since tcc only have BGPv4 device, the Spirent arp cache only have the Resolved Mac Address for IPv4. 
  2. The IPv6 streams also need the MAC address to resolve successfully but since there is no BGPv6 device to ARP, arp cache would not have the Resolved MAC Address for IPv6.
  3. So the IPv6 flows will always remained “unresolved”.  
  4. The way to make this work is to manually enter the IPv4 Gateway Mac into the IPv6 streams.
Please find the Config file and recording attached.

Product : Routing,Spirent TestCenter,BGP