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Spirent iTest: Can we manipulate "ignore link status" setting within iTest Spirent TestCenter session?

  • iTest 5.2
  • Spirent Test Centre 4.61
  • IgnoreLinkStatus value can be changed using a quickCall by directly getting the handle for the object attribute that needs to be changed.
  • This is a general method of changing object attribute values in iTest from STC session and can be utilized in other scenarios as well.
  • The basic commands for the same will be as follows:
    • [Action: eval]
      • stc::get project1 -children-port
      • stc::get port1 -children
      • stc::config ethernetcopper1 -ignorelinkstatus true
Attachment Description
Sample test-case for quickcall steps for STC configuration changes

Product : Windows GUI,iTest Enterprise