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GSS9000, C50r Host Controller: How do I configure my GSS9000 system to use a different version of PosApp?

  • GSS9000
  • C50r Host Controller
This procedure may require you to update the FPGA versions of the following modules within your GSS9000:
Consult knowledge base article FAQ17028 to identify what FPGA versions you require for the chosen version of PosApp

For instructions on how to check and update the FPGA versions read article FAQ16924

If the FPGA updates you require are not available on Spirent's Customer Service Center (CSC) website (, contact Global Services using

To configure your system to run the chosen PosApp release:
  1. Install the required FPGA updates, instructions can be found in FAQ16924
  2. Navigate to D:\posapp\software
  3. Make a note of the folder name of the PosApp version you wish to use - for example 'V5_06_00'
  4. Navigate to D:\posapp\conf and open the text file called 'active_version.txt'
  5. Change the content of the file to the folder name chosen in step 3  - for example 'V5_06_00' and save the changes
  6. Navigate to D:\posapp\software\<version>\gui\Host_control, where <version> is the folder containing the release of PosApp you want to use
  7. Open the utility 'Host_control.exe', click 'Connect' and restart the firmware using the appropriate button
  8. Return to the 'gui' folder and open PosApp using the file 'PosApp.exe'
    • You may wish to add a shortcut to this application to your Desktop, you may also choose to appropriately rename the new shortcut to avoid confusion with the existing Desktop shortcut

Product : GSS9000 series,Positioning,PosApp,C50r Controller