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Spirent Customer Service Center (CSC): What is the difference between a Limited and Full user on the CSC?

The Spirent Customer Service Center at
By default, The Spirent Customer Service Center offers all visitors thousands of Knowledge Base articles along with the ability to browse through the Spirent Forums.

For those that login to the CSC, various features and functions are unlocked, depending on your access rights. Most CSC users have Full access, which offers useful features such as case management and downloads. For those that have Limited access, you will have access to fewer items. For those that have Limited, but believe they should be given Full access, send an email from the email address you used to sign-up along with the company you work for to Note that you must use your company email address-- we do not routinely offer Full access to folks using public email addresses like,,, or
 Feature  Limited  Full
 Knowledge Base  Yes  Enhanced
 Forums ‚Äč Yes, reading and posting   Yes, reading and posting 
 Downloads  No  Yes
 CSC Applications  No  Yes
 SR/Case Opening and Management   No  Yes
 Asset Management  No  Yes

Product : CSC