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TTworkbench : How to solve the error: Failed to create the Java Virtual Machine?

TTworkbench 32/64 Bit Windows/Linux
1. In case you have installed the TTworkbench today maybe the
installation was not successful.
  In this case I would like to ask you  to try to install it again.

2. If you have updated your Java or installed a new Java version my guess is that
the TTworkbench is not finding the path where Java is installed.
- Could you please verify if the Java_HOME Environment Variable is pointing to the
path where Java is installed?

3. If you have different Java versions installed and your JAVA_HOME is pointing to
a version but you want TTworkbench to use another version you can do the following:
- Add the arguments -vm <Your_JAVA_PATH>\bin\javaw.exe
  in your ttworkbench.ini file, which can be find in the installation folder of your TTworkbench.
  Please see the example bellow.

4. If previously to your problem you have tried to modify the file ttworkbench.ini, from
the installation folder, in order to increase the memory then please try with a lower value till it works.

It will also be nice to add at the beginning of the ttworkbench.ini file
- clean
in order to clean your workspace when you start TTworkbench.
This is helping if you use several workspaces.

As an example I have added bellow the content of the ttworkbench.ini from my installation.
Please replace <Your_JAVA_PATH> with the path where your Java is installed.


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