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TTworkbench: May I define recursive data type structures in TTCN-3?

TTworkbench, Windows, Linux, 32/64bit
According to standard ES 201 873-1, chatper 6.2.0, "Where applicable TTCN-3 type definitions may be recursive. The user, however, shall ensure that all type recursion is
resolvable and that no infinite recursion occurs."

        // Valid recursive record type definition
    type record MyRecord1 {
    FieldType1 field1,
    MyRecord1 field2 optional,
    FieldType3 field3
    // Invalid recursive record type definition causing an error
    type record MyRecord2 {
    FieldType1 field1,
    MyRecord2 field2,
    FieldType3 field3

Product : TTCN-3 Language