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Spirent iTest: What is the use of patch(iTest Patch 5.4 #1) under CSC link

  • iTest 5.4
Use of Patch 1: (com.fnfr.svt.testcase_5.4.0.4f90e5a. jar):
  • In the previous versions of iTest (5.3 and earlier), if the default arguments (required) are not passed, then the user is unable to see any error or warning message about missing required arguments.
  • In iTest 5.4, we have a new feature on this to show the user about the missed to passing the required arguments. (Patch1.jpg).
  • This patch is to revert back this feature in iTest 5.4.
Use of Patch 2: ( , com.fnfr.itest.platform.database_5.4.0.4f90e5a.jar and com.fnfr.itest.databaseservice_5.4.0.4f90e5a.jar):
  • In the previous versions of iTest (5.3 and earlier), we are able to see the Database client's (sqllite,derby,postgresql,sqlserver and etc.) under DatabaseClient session profile.  
  • In the iTest 5.4, these are removed.
  • Hence, the above mentioned two patches are provided to revert back these features. ("Patches2.jpg" )

Product : iTest Enterprise