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TTworkbench: Is it possible to compile the whole / complete project and generate jar files at once?

TTworkbench 32/64 Bit, Microsoft Windows/Linux
You can compile all the modules at once, only if all your modules are contained in a tree structure, while your main module is the root. All the modules imported in the main TTCN-3 file will be compiled. Therefore you must recursively import all the modules into main module.
  • Configuration:
First set the project options by right mouse click on the project folder, go to Properties >  TTCN-3 > Compiler > Code generation, activate Compile all Java code at once.
  • Compilation:
Open the main module by double click on the name in the project view. Click in the module editor view in the middle, click the button "rebuild" in the button bar, or right mouse click, go to rebuild.

Product : TTCN-3 Language,Tool Handling